I was born


transformation agent

My search for deep connection was, at the beginning, a search to heal my own sexual trauma.


Trauma which manifested in depression, self harming, eating disorders, body hatred, toxic relationships, lack of belonging, disassociation, an inability to ‘do purpose’ and extreme shame.


Trauma can do all kind of things to you. But it can also become the crucible that sets you free, into your power, if you find the right people, and tools to transform it. Every day I am grateful for the things that gifted me my freedom.


I was born into the hands of an obstetrician who was later taken to court for over 500 counts of genital mutilation, sexual assault and misconduct towards the women whose babies he had been birthing. I grew up in a household filled with violence and alcohol abuse. I myself went through severe childhood sexual abuse over a period of eight years from multiple people, including my own father.


I know what corruption at the level of sex and power does to people. I have lived through it first hand. It is because I have walked this journey and transformed it, that I understand the freedom that can be gained from liberating ourselves. Freedom is so sweet.

My work is deeply personal.


I know that if I could do it, and that I have seen my clients and others do it, then anyone, with enough bravery, patience and the right guidance at each stage of their journey, can also do it too.


And not only is it about healing, it is about living radically free and self expressed.

Stepping into my ‘medicine woman’…  for want of a better term…


I went through several minor ‘Ego Deaths’ and a major one that could be called a ‘Shamanic Death’. These experiences ripped me apart, crushed me and literally almost killed me (I was suicidal during a lot of the worst periods of this). The upside was that my third eye was so strong at the time, I could focus on my cervix and say ‘orgasm’ and I would have a cervical orgasm! That was enjoyable.


These experiences were not drug induced.


What they did do, was deconstruct my ego (at that time) and my sense of reality, so that I would be ready when, throughout late 2015 – late 2016, I was taken in to multiple peak state experiences over extended periods, and received Kundalini awakening and initiation into my power.


The reason I was ready to receive that Grace, to be initiated into that power, was because I had stared my darkest shadows in the face and transformed them. I keep discovering more and growing more everyday.

This is the path of any person of power. We must be ready to face the death of self. And to embrace the sweetness of life.



We must be willing to face the shadow and the darkness within ourselves and integrate it. Not avoid it. This is how we step into mastery. This is how we step into balance and into truest, deepest love. It is through confronting ourselves and the things that hold us back, that we embody light and freedom in our lives.


We cannot avoid, repress or focus only on ‘the light’. We must see the whole and love all of it, as it is. Likewise, we cannot spend all our time shifting around in the darkness. We must also open our hearts to love, grace and gratitude. To devotion.


This is what all my work is geared to help people discover in themselves.


All of themselves.

To articulate the magic that was conjured and shared within our sessions and actually capture the essence of it feels like quite a task, as my experience was almost indescribable. Freya has a unique and profound way of touching upon the exact piece of you that needs to be harmonized, healed and reconfigured. I am excited for all the people who will embrace a healing journey with Freya, as that is what she holds space for, a true journey into self that unfolds you onto a path that feels so delicious to walk upon.

Zoe Bosco, Sydney, Australia

(This work) transformed my life. From a young age, I'd dealt with severe dissociation, a belief that something was wrong with me and that I needed to learn something, do something or be something different to remedy that... the dissociated parts of myself began integrating or fell away if they no longer fit in my life. In 7 weeks, I achieved the level of integration my therapist told me I'd be working at for a decade.

Leslie Spires, Colorado

I have so much gratitude for this work and really for Freya—she’s an unbelievably fierce, loving, powerhouse of integrity. I have received seriously deep benefits from journeying with her. I really recommend diving into the magic and possibilities of YOU, with her.

Rayne Sofley, Boulder, Colorado

I cannot recommend Freya's work enough. She lives and breathes her offerings... deeply powerful, real and magic.

Ari Amala, Melbourne

Next to Ayahuasca journeys, this is the most intense cathartic, trauma release activity I’ve ever done. Thank you Freya Maria Vajra!

Julia Emerald

My Vision


Because of my personal history, I hold a really strong vision for the future. What I am contributing to. The seeds I am planting that I want to see grow in my friends, family, clients and in society.


I know that sexuality is at the basis of who we are. When we’ve been corrupted in that as an individual, or as a culture, we become disconnected form ourselves. And, despite what society says, we become disconnected from our innocence. Because at it’s core, sex is innocent, and tied to the heart.

I currently offer courses, workshops and 1:1 sessions that help people unlock and embody their healthy sexuality, their empowerment and connection to source.


But my vision for the long term is two fold:


I eventually want to have an online and in person ‘Fierce Mystic School’ which will offer programs to both embody sexuality and connection to the Divine.


I strive to see people free themselves. And I know that sex sits at one of the deepest levels of our psyche. So much of our collective shadow is anchored in the sexual body. When we become free here, it impacts our whole lives, and the society around us. We access our juice, happiness and aliveness.


People who are free of negative sexual conditioning are much less likely to perpetrate sexual violence, or to find themselves in a situation where they experience it.

I want to help this world come into harmony and health!


And I know that this problem requires rewiring from ALL sides. Not just the victims. Not just the perpetrators.


We are all victims to the unconscious conditioning of our mind until we do something about it.


My vision is of humanity free of sexual trauma and violent conditioning around sex. My vision is of a humanity empowered, loving, living in truth and unity with each other. Of connect to the Creator through their own creative, sexual energy.

My whole life has been the training ground to do what I do.


It has helped me understand the importance of it. And to fuel the fire of passion that lives in my belly to do it.


So know, if you participate in one of my programs, or if you work with me, you are not only stepping into a powerful container for yourself… you are contributing to a much bigger vision for humanity.

Studies and Creative Projects


My love of The Mystery and Truth has taken me into studying magic, energy healing, shamanic journeying, Buddhist and Tantirk philosophies and practices. Conscious sexuality, erotic dance and empowerment, Kundalini, Ritual, Jung, Archetypes, yoga, Integral Theory, healing trauma (I am not a therapist, but I AM trauma informed, unlike many in the personal development, spiritual and ‘conscious sexuality’ world), Astrology, Clearing, coaching and therapeutic healing modalities. All around the world…


I’ve lived and studied in Tantric and Neo Tantric communities in India, Asia and Australia.


I have been facilitating groups and private sessions since 2008. I’ve created multiple eight week online courses for women. These include  Boom Online, and  Embody the Temple Online: an eight week online journey to embody your integrated, spiritual sexuality. It is currently  running if you want to head over and check it out.

I’m the creatress and founder of Transfiguration Circle Melbourne, which continues to thrive and serve the community.


I’m the creatress of the Fierce Mystic programs and am one of the Co creators of The Ritual Theatre. A project birthed in Boulder, Colorado.

I am also a Spiral Practitioner.

I’ve written the books The Powerhouse’s Guide to Full Expression  and Opening to Orgasmic Magnificence which you can buy here. I am in the process of writing my third! Stay tuned!


I’ve studied and taught all over the world and am just getting started!


I count my greatest influences as Kashmiri Shaivist Tantra, Kundalini, Buddhism, Neo Tantra, Dr John Demartini and Jordan Peterson. And the big three: Life, Love and Relationship! My friends, lovers, partners and Nature have been some of the most powerful and influential initiators in my life. I am grateful to them all.


The adventure continues!


Thanks for reading!


So much love,


Freya Vajra.