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Embody the Temple Online

February 20 @ 10:00 AM - May 15 @ 12:00 PM AEDT

$666.70 – $2000.00 colour-edit

The Online Feminine Mystery School.


Do you long to experience sexual ecstasy?
Are you ready to claim your body as your own?
Do yearn for to uncover the depth of  your Feminine Wisdom?


Most women think that in order to have great orgasms or to step into an amazing relationship, they have to identify some piece that is missing. And if they could get that piece, everything else would follow. That there’s something OUTSIDE that they haven’t understood yet. But what if I told you, that everything you need is already there. And it’s not about contorting your body into weird positions… It’s about letting go into acceptance?

You might not like that much because maybe you think it’s complicated. And what I’m telling you is: it’s simple. The body is just that: simple. It’s the mind that is complicated.

When you come into your body, you step into your instinct. When you access your instinct you can understand your boundaries. When you consistently assert your boundaries, you can trust YOURSELF and you can trust the people in your life. When you trust yourself you will allow yourself to do two things:

Have fulfilling relationships.


Let go into the most blissful orgasmic states you’ve ever experienced.

Because relationship and pleasure are about surrender. And surrender comes as a result of trust. Your ability to know yourself, another and the divinity that is life, is dependent on all those steps that lead you into deep surrender.

You can then use your sex and body as a gift of intimacy. And as a vessel to know The Divine.

When you know yourself, you become the Priestess of the Temple. This is your edge. And once you go there, the life you’ve been dreaming of will open to you…


I have worked with hundreds of women and seen them connect to their feminine power and sexuality.
The reason why this course works is because what I teach came to me through my own body.
It taught me.


10 years ago I was bogged down by sexual abuse trauma. I couldn’t have vaginal orgasms. I called in partners who were either men I didn’t respect (because they were impotent in life), or they were men who manipulated, controlled and shamed me.

I was the common denominator and I knew the change had to start with me.

I tried so many things from formal therapy, to living in Neo Tantra communities in Asia, to conscious erotic dance practices. I opened up my orgasmicness, but still found that I didn’t know how to discern the correct partners for myself.

I was like, “Can someone give me a road map here, please??!”

I could open in sex. OR I could open in love. But I never found partners who I could do both with. Because I hadn’t cultivated the discernment yet to trust myself and open in BOTH sex and Love.

It took narcissistic relationships, an ego death and spontaneous (non drug induced) trance states for me to access the information that is in this course. I discovered the map to honouring myself as Priestess and Temple.

Because the fact is, we lie to ourselves all the time.

But the vagina, and the body, always tell the truth.


When you learn how to listen to your vagina and your body, your life will straighten out, your body open completely and your relationships would be WAY more rewarding (and sexy).

And by the way, my relationships since then have ALL been healthy, deep and connected. And I’m currently in a committed relationship where we explore all the practices you’ll find in this course.


Imagine this

Imagine a place where you could delve into the depths of your body. Of your heart and sex. Where your humanness was not shamed, but celebrated – alongside the mystical, esoteric aspects of you and Nature.

Imagine a place that allowed you to embody the depth of your pleasure and juice. Whilst simultaneously cultivating your presence, your inner witness and self inquiry.

Imagine a place that challenged you, and took you to your edges, whilst also encouraging compassion and self forgiveness. A place of growth AND incredible safety.

Imagine a place that genuinely taught the integration of Heart with sex. The magick of your yoni and the power soul. A place not of bypass and delusion. But of genuine integration of human and spirit.

I’ve yearned for a place like that my whole life.

A place that was deep magic whilst also straight down the line.

I dreamt of a place where I could learn scientific facts AND esoteric mystery. I dreamt of a place that encouraged opening to the innate wisdom of ones OWN body, rather than prostrating before some guru.

I looked all over and there was nothing that satisfied the unique itch within me.

Either they were too generic, too mainstream, too ungrounded in reality, unintelligent, not magical enough, not embodying Consciousness enough, not trauma informed… the list goes on.

So I created it.

The exact unique combination of all the things, in one place, that I was looking for. And if these are things that appeal to you…


Then EMBODY THE TEMPLE may be for you!


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The gateway to God is THROUGH your body


For the last 2500 years, patriarchal religions have separated people from their bodies. They have damned the body and the physical. Particularly women’s. They have shamed sex, rather than viewing sexuality as sacred. And the reason why, is because when you are connected to yourself HERE, you are a force of nature. No dogma is going to control you. You are sovereign.

When you are embodied in the depths of your feminine (your body, emotions and intuition), you become an autonomous being. You’re not going to swallow other people’s belief systems and be controlled so easily. You don’t need others to tell you how to think, because you can FEEL the truth within you.

My mission is to help people connect directly with their own inner wisdom. So they can guide themselves.


This is what you will receive in EMBODY THE TEMPLE, the 13 week online course for powerhouse truth seekers…


  • The Body Orgasmic: awaken your body’s aliveness.
  • Yoni Activation: connect to your vagina and learn about how she is the seat of your wisdom.
  • Boundaries: build safety and trust with yourself… and ALL the relationships in your life.
  • Pleasure and Desire: become free to feel the depths of pleasure within you.
  • Animal instinct: connect to your unapologetic wild nature.
  • Learn how to re-sensitise your vagina using a jade wand
  • Magnetism: live according to your feminine nature as opposed to over active yang.
  • Surrender, the heart and breastgasms: Connecting sex with love.
  • The mystical powers of your cervix (the priestess of your temple)
  • The Womb: connect to the source of ALL your creative power.
  • Awaken ovarian energy: lineage, fertility and creativity.
  • Kundalini
  • The sacred purpose of seduction.
  • The Blood Mysteries.


All classes are delivered through video format with a secret Facebook group for community support. There are monthly live group webinars, which are a great way to connect more with the community, work and further clarify any questions you might have.

All participants receive:

  • A FREE copy of the ACTIVATING THE YONI MEDIATION audio download, yoni maps and a PDF copy of ‘Opening your orgasmic magnificence.’
  • Access to all video recordings FOR LIFE.
  • You will have access to the Facebook group, along with a LOT of FREE content every week.
  • You will ALSO remain a member of the secret Facebook group AFTER the course has finished for life. This means you will be able to continue to revisit the course EVERY FOLLOWING ROUND, including every time the course is updated.




The course is designed to help you become a fully activated, sexual, spiritual, human, INTEGRATED woman. It recognizes the importance of your HUMAN NEEDS as equal to your spiritual needs (they’re all one).

After many years in the Neo Tantra and conscious sexuality worlds, I became really disturbed by the ways in which I perceived sexuality practices being used to reinforce gender roles, and train women to become disempowered. I saw women becoming highly orgasmic, but being taught to undervalue themselves and have no boundaries. That was not who I wanted to become. And I saw the pain it caused many other women too.

So this course is not simply a sexuality course. This is a life course. It contains the pieces I have observed to be most important for the empowerment of any sincere truth seeking mamma.

Sexual aliveness – with heart – self respect AND connection to the Divine.


The women who have done this course have experienced:


  • Union with god states (universe/source) through their sexual practice (alone and with partners).
  • Vaginal orgasms for the first time
  • Full body orgasms
  • Trance and archetypal states
  • The ending of toxic relationships
  • Calling in healthy partnership
  • Learning HOW to choose partners (and friends) who are supportive of their true self-growth.
  • Deep heart healing
  • Letting go of body shame
  • Increased confidence
  • Learning about boundaries and how to implement them with grace.
  • Embodying self love and trust
  • Knowing themselves and their worth.


I built this course because I needed it first.

And today I‘m a very different woman to the shut down/overly masculinised/adrenal fatigued/purposeless/unable to find a sexual or intimate partner to meet me… girl I used to be.

I had not yet learned how to EMBODY THE TEMPLE. And now, I do.


If you would like to open to your sexuality, feel safe, trust yourself…

To explore the magick of your yoni, to know how to discern the right partners for you…

To embody your TRUE power and pleasure…

If you would like to become the priestess of your temple, THEN… Let’s chat! It sounds like EMBODY THE TEMPLE, 13 weeks online, Is for you.

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Earthly Details

Course start date

Virgo Full Moon: February 20th Australia/ February 19th USA.

All classes are delivered through video format with a secret Facebook group for community support, and full moon live group webinars. These calls are a great way to connect more with the community, work and clarify any questions you might have.

Additional things you will need

You will need a wand with which to dearmour your yoni. We recommend Jade or Obsidian, as they seem to have the best vibrational frequency for healing the vagina. They also do not chip or break easily like Quartz does.

To buy your own Jade Wand on Sale, Check out La Loba, an Amazing local Melbourne company.

Glass wands can also be used, though they do not seem to be as high quality as living crystal. We recommend you DO NOT use silicone, as it is difficult to use it with precision, and silicone also absorbs orgasmic energy (not very good orgasms for you!). You want that energy spreading through your system.


What others are saying about this course…


“Working with Freya in Embody the Temple was the pinnacle of my inner journey so far.

I loved how the program was so graciously integrated: the human psyche, the body, sexuality, the spirit and the heart. Her integrity and truth, her love and devotion were truly power forces that have guided me.

I have been deeply transformed, healed, humbled and enlivened. Through this work… I have embodied myself in a way I didn’t think possible before.

If you really want to feel yourself from the inside out, become intimate with your worth and your pleasure, learn how to create a safe container for all of yourself and your relationships, take full responsibility for your life and be your own Queen… I urge you to become part of this.

It is a profound gift of love.”

– Mirela Bitoi, Romania


“I can’t tell you enough how powerful this experience was for me… Freya is a gracious, powerful, clear, grounded and authentic facilitator and a safe space holder for experiences within this group… this was a sacred and powerful experience of deepening my knowing of my own energy fierceness and essence. And how to take care and cultivate that more fully.

I am so very thankful to Freya and the women I was able to be with in this eight week journey. I highly recommend joining this experience if you are wanting to deepen your relationship to your own essence (self partnering) and your sacred sexuality. Great experience!!!”

– Jennifer Lusk, Boulder, Co, USA.


“This course helped me gain a deeper connection to myself as a woman and to my yoni. I didn’t realize how disconnected I was before. Freya provides an excellent roadmap for navigating the yoni and embracing your sexuality. I’m repeating the course because there was so much depth and wisdom, that I was not able to integrate everything the first time. I love that I can do it again in my own time. I feel empowered and more sure about myself as a woman and being able to embrace my sexuality.”

-K, Sydney, Australia.


Investment in yourself

Embody the Temple (standard): $2000 AUD

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Pay in full

Or in two payments of $1000 AUD,

Or four payments of $500.00 AUD (plus processing fees).

Payment plans must be complete by the eighth week of the course (April 17th). 


Upgrade to The Inner Temple and receive weekly 1:1 sessions with Freya, in addition to the course.*

*Upon application



Please note refunds are not available.

Please be advised that by booking in and participating in this course you agree that you are of sound mental and physical health, and able to take full responsibility for your wellbeing.


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February 20 @ 10:00 AM
May 15 @ 12:00 PM
$666.70 – $2000.00


Freya Vajra