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Thanks for making it here, and peering into my world. I work with powerhouse truth seekers so they can become who they were born to be. Please enjoy my blogs and connect with our community at the Fierce Mystics Facebook group. Feel free to reach out and connect with me! I’d love that!

Fierce Mystic aims to provide high quality content and programs for people to free themselves through sex and consciousness. All content in this site is created for you to lovingly uncover the truth from within yourself. Because your body is the gateway to God/dess. Your shadow, the fuel to burn your light bright. Sex, the key to oneness with all Creation. Everything you need is already within you. Please enjoy this home that was built for you. Facebook_Sign-Up-Button_Moon tribe-loading

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Why I’ve Changed my Name to Freya

So… it’s only taken me about five months to get this video up here to my website, but we’re finally here. 
I have changed my name to Freya! I am yet to do it officially by deed poll, but that will come soon. So if you’ve been confused about why you’ve come to Courtney’s site and found ‘Freya’ here, now you know! 

The Gift of the Victim

I was chatting with a good friend of mine the other day, about all this Agama/sex cult stuff. For those of you who don’t know, one of the biggest Neo tantra schools in the world, Agama, recently got outed by Be Scofield for a whole load of sexual assault and misconduct by the heads of the school. My friend, who spent a number of years there, was saying how she felt that she had so turned off her own victim in regards to that school. That she had not been able to receive the gifts of healing it…

What it Takes

Sometimes being brave means risking losing friends, or family. It means losing a job or even a social standing. It means packing up your life and moving to another country because that’s what your heart is calling for.
The only person you should ever be worried about losing though, is yourself…

How to choose a partner using vagina power! The Queen in her Court Mediation.

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone and being like ‘You’re the one for me?’ And then realising later… “actually… that REALLY wasn’t relationship material! That was more like a really fun short term lovership.” When we relate to someone in a certain category of relating that isn’t actually right for our dynamic, we create expectations of the relationship that will never be fulfilled. Then you get hurt, and so does the other person.  But what if your body had a way of distinguishing between friendship material and partner material? Between close friend and acquaintance…

Three Ways to Activate Your Feminine Power

Lots of women come to me and say:

“Courtney, I feel like I’m TOO in my masculine. I’m successful, I’m amazing at business, I know how to get things done in the world… I have all of this ‘success’, but I feel disconnected from my yoni and I don’t, despite all I’m capable of, feel fulfilled. It hurts! Help!”

Who is the Inner Masculine?

Why is it important for women to cultivate their HEALTHY inner Masculine? And who is he anyway?
If you’re a woman with a lot of Shakti/feminine: energy, emotion, openness in your sexuality, you may find your life is an emotional shit storm. You may find you need other people (esp partners) to hold you, not because you’re asking them out of choice, but because you’re unable to hold yourself.

How to Ground if you’re a Peak State Bunny!

We’re human right? We’re here to have a human experience… sometimes it’s really hard for people who have lots of spontaneous non-drug induced peak states to ground their spirit into their human… so that they can actualise their purpose on the planet (as well as being in their bodies and having meaningful relationships with other people). This video is for you.

Kundalini Kriyas

KUNDALINI KRIYAS!! (aka those weird and sometimes embarrassing jolts that happen to your body and cause you to flip around). What are they? Why do they happen? How do you manage them when they happen in embarrassing and inappropriate moments? How can you maximise your health so that you can harness what is THE MOST POWERFUL energy you will probably ever encounter in your life?!

Boundaries – letting go of the ‘nice girl’

Are you tired of being the ‘nice girl’? Of letting others walk over you so that you don’t hurt them? Or maybe you know that you want to say ‘no’ but feel guilty to do it. You know: ‘it might hurt their feelings’ and all that. But do they care how they’re hurting you? Maybe you just were never taught how to say no and so consequentially find yourself in situations where you’re overcommitted, over extended or letting that one person talk ‘at you’ for waaay to long. Not to mention what can happen in relation with men…

My Vagina the Temple

Your vagina is the most receptive part of your body. Whoever you take in there, know that you are receiving them to the depth of your core. Do you want that energy fruiting in your life? Because what you take in, will travel to your womb (energetically and physically) and grow in your life around you…

The REAL Power of the Pussy

Doing different vagina practices is said to help release trauma, tension, heal emotional wounding stored in there, as well as make your yoni super toned, and able to do all kinds of awesome sexy moves… But this really awesome payoff can actually become a limit if we don’t understand how much greater the impact could be on our lives and the lives of those around us.

(This work) transformed my life. From a young age, I'd dealt with severe dissociation, a belief that something was wrong with me and that I needed to learn something, do something or be something different to remedy that... the dissociated parts of myself began integrating or fell away if they no longer fit in my life. In 7 weeks, I achieved the level of integration my therapist told me I'd be working at for a decade.

Leslie Spires, Colorado

I cannot recommend Freya's work enough. She lives and breathes her offerings... deeply powerful, real and magic.

Ari Amala, Melbourne

To articulate the magic that was conjured and shared within our sessions and actually capture the essence of it feels like quite a task, as my experience was almost indescribable. Freya has a unique and profound way of touching upon the exact piece of you that needs to be harmonized, healed and reconfigured. I am excited for all the people who will embrace a healing journey with Freya, as that is what she holds space for, a true journey into self that unfolds you onto a path that feels so delicious to walk upon.

Zoe Bosco, Sydney, Australia

Next to Ayahuasca journeys, this is the most intense cathartic, trauma release activity I’ve ever done. Thank you Freya Maria Vajra!

Julia Emerald

I have so much gratitude for this work and really for Freya—she’s an unbelievably fierce, loving, powerhouse of integrity. I have received seriously deep benefits from journeying with her. I really recommend diving into the magic and possibilities of YOU, with her.

Rayne Sofley, Boulder, Colorado