Your vagina is the most receptive part of your body. Whoever you take in there, know that you are receiving them to the depth of your core.

Do you want that energy fruiting in your life? Because what you take in, will travel to your womb (energetically and physically) and grow in your life around you. Choose partners who love, respect, care for you and wish for the best in your life. Choose partners whose consciousness you trust.

I used to have sex with men just because I wanted them to ‘love’ me. To give me external validation. To ‘make me’ feel sexy and wanted. To prove to myself I was wild and edgy and sexually free.

But you can’t really use sex in that way if you are walking it as a path. And sacred sexuality truly is the path of the knife. Being on a meditation cushion and being integrous is one thing. Try going into the depth of pleasure and staying on the line. Try that one on for size! Not being in craving for pleasure or aversion to pain when the most powerful energy in our bodies is fully activated!

Because the sacred will not be given away cheaply. The sacred will not really appear in its full power if you are using it for your own need for external validation. For your unhealthy ego shit. And if it does and you use it that way… just be careful and prepared for the slap coming your way.

And really, walking this path, as with most paths, is about realising that the deepest act of worship is to learn to love ourselves. To stand by ourselves no matter what. To honour ourselves both as God and as creations of God/dess.

That is true power. And true love.


My body is a temple. My sex my deepest wisdom. The Mystery flows through my skin, through my blood. The deepest oceans resting, waiting. Only ever to be seen by those who know the names of Queen, Whore, Bitch, Maiden, Mother, Crone, Priestess and Goddess. My body is a temple. The juiciest gifts waiting to be given. Sacred locks set. For those whose listening tells them where the passwords are hid. The priestess appears when the Devotee is near. These fruit remain discerningly given.