Sometimes being brave means risking losing friends, or family. It means losing a job or even a social standing. It means packing up your life and moving to another country because that’s what your heart is calling for.


The only person you should ever be worried about losing though, is yourself.

When you cave in to injustice, or allow manipulative behaviour as ok… when you witness the unfair treatment of others (or yourself) and do nothing to step in, you lose a little piece of your own self respect and trust.

You shrink. You shrink within yourself and accordingly shrink in they eyes of the world. Because the world CAN see.


To become the people we are growing into we must be willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING that is not true.


It means asking questions when it’s appropriate (or inappropriate!). Sometimes it means stepping out of outdated relationships, and at other times, more deeply into others.

It means RISK. But without risk, there is no GAIN.

Sometimes that means that it will challenge other people. They will (deliberately sometimes) misunderstand you. They might say untrue things about you.


But when you lay dying on your deathbed, the only one you will be facing, is yourself.


And you will have to confront yourself and ask:

Did I live an honest life?
Did I treat people well?
Was I brave?
Did I live according to my values or did I let fear stop me from speaking out?
Did I voice concerns when I saw others being put at risk?
Or did I use my connections to others as a commodity for power and gain?

For me bravery is not a question anymore.
Because what I am actually afraid of, is the pain of being full of shit.
It’s of what will happen internally when I’m NOT brave. My life goes to pot. Because I am disconnected from the truth within myself.

That hurts more than my fear of what COULD happen.

And I understand that sometimes it can be a process to come out of denial.

Some of the biggest breakthroughs I’ve ever had were when I had to reveal something to someone, when I was afraid to. I knew I was risking the relationship, but I also knew to not be upfront would be to squash myself, and not honour them in the process.

Because the truth (when delivered with consent and love) benefits everyone.


And the thing is, when you value Truth over comfort, you can NEVER fail.

You can ONLY win.

Because whatever the outcome is, it will be in alignment with your soul.


I don’t know about you, but I want to live life in accordance with my soul.

That’s worth being brave for. And it’s worth losing everything for.

Because when you lose all of THAT, the only thing left is what is:

Truth. And Love.

The God that lives inside us all.

And what does that take?
You… being brave.
And everything you are.

Any path that leads to somewhere worthwhile SHOULD demand everything that you are.

After all… That’s how clay gets fired.

Let me know how this lands in you.