Why is it important for women to cultivate their HEALTHY inner Masculine? And who is he anyway?

If you’re a woman with a lot of Shakti/feminine: energy, emotion, openness in your sexuality, you may find your life is an emotional shit storm. You may find you need other people (esp partners) to hold you, not because you’re asking them out of choice, but because you’re unable to hold yourself. Structure, boundaries and following through on things may be a challenge for you.

When we cultivate our inner masculine alongside our feminine, we become sovereign beings. We can move through anything. We have healthier relationships based on union, rather than enmeshment. When we learn who the masculine is, and how he’s different from what gets spoken about as ‘masculine’ in culture, we are able to really grow ourselves. We tell our inner feminine that we are trustable and therefore the world is trustable, which allows us to open into MORE surrender, bliss and love.

I think this is one of the best videos I’ve ever made in terms of importance, especially considering the current political climate. Please watch it and share.

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